Only the Black man and Black woman can bring a Black son and daughter. We bring ourselves and no nation can bring us, that's why we are the true Royalty of the earth.

If you are not Black you are white. The white world are our children, they must honour us the Royal Black Ethiopian Nation, their Father and Mother. I and I the Royal Black Ethiopian must not mix with any other nation. We must abide within our Royal Black Ethiopian Nation Family. Thou shall not commit adultery, meaning thou shall not go on to another nation, thou shall not give thy seed unto molech (Lev.20 and Ex.20).



Black is Supreme over all. Black Supremacy in Righteousness of Salvation ever liveth, cannot die, Most High Selassie I Jah Rastafari.

Black People my people, Ethtiopians, sons and daughters: do you remember the days of slavery? I King Emmanuel the Black Christ in Flesh, the Holy Comforter am here to bring all things to your rememberance (St. John 14 vs. 26-27).

Who was in Africa, and got taken away in the slave trade? Who it was they took to Victoria Pier in shackles and chain? Who was it looking after the cotton fields? Who was it looking after the sugar cane plantation? Who broke the rock stones on the road side? Who was it they buried alive and let dogs eat off their heads? Whose finger nails they plucked out? Who they brand with hot iron? -  Was it the China men? NO! Was it the white men? NO! Was it the Syrian? NO! Was it the Black man, the Black Ethiopian? YES! It was I and I Black Ethiopian sons and daughters, Gods and Goddesses of the earth. Queen Victoria and her hosts the white world took captive from the Golden shores of Black Ethiopia, Black Africa, in the slave trade.


The white men brought us in Jamaica and the western world as slaves to work for them to build up the western world, even unto this day they still have us as slaves working for them. The white men rob many riches from Africa, Gold, Diamond, Rubies and many other riches, even now they are still robbing riches from Black Africa. All good things in the world today come from Black Ethiopia, Black Africa. All wise men and wise women come from up the River Nile, Black Ethiopia, Black Africa. All civilization come from the River Nile.

Prophecy and History recall the days of slavery. We were taken away captives on boats called Gee-zas. Some jump off and tried to swim to Ethiopia, some were eaten by sharks. Who were dead were thrown overboard. Some of us they dropped in Yallahs Pond in St. Thomas, Jamaica. We were taken to Victoria Pier and carried to parish church in shackles and chains, they brand Black people with hot iron like cow at Clock Tower Circle. Slave masters from America, Canada, and all over the world came and bought slaves and carried us away to America, Canada and other small islands to slave for the white men like what is going on now. How you could love a people like them, they are going down with satan never to come back. The works of the white men prove them to be satan.

They have cast lots for my people, and give a boy for a harlot and sold girl for wine, that they might drink (Joel chap 3 vs. 3). We were killed for sports by the white men, they bet on the pregnant Black woman belly if it is a boy or a girl baby.  Then they cut open the Black woman belly to see who won. WICKEDNESS!!!!!

Black people should know that it is slavery why we are here in Jamaica and the western world. The Prophecy and History Book recall the days of slavery. It is written in the books of Britain and America, that it was only I and I Black Ethiopians that were taken out of Black Ethiopia, Black Africa, illegally as captives, slaves children and brought us down here in Jamaica and all small islands of the British West Indies into slavery unto this day.

Only I and I was living in Africa before the white world come. Africa was Black before Prophecy and History. Our World was just a World of Pure Natural Right before the white world come in. When we come out here in the west they beat us out of our way of Right to take 6 foot 6 for our home. They forced us to take wrong for right and right for wrong.


During those days Chinese, Indians, Syrians and white men that were criminals in their own country were sent to the British colonies to be slaves masters for Black man and Black woman. They were paid to be slave masters, every nation enslave the Black Nation. This has been going on in the world from that time until this day. Even unto this day the white men, Chinese, Indians, Syrian, our children still oppress and enslave us; they use us as housemaids, barmaids, yardboy, baggage boy: these are some of the degrading names: they now call us Gods and Goddesses of the earth. In time past, Black people cut grassroot for less than a penny, even now Black people are working for nothing for the Jamaican dollar stand for nothing. Read and look what is reaching you in the world today, you are still in slavery.

Every nation took part in enslaving us and robbing us of our Glory, even unto this day. Such nations as Britain, America, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland and Canada. The slave trade is the most wicked and most brutal act of human injustice, murder, rape, robbery,torture and human imprisonment recorded in the world history. We are killed all the day long, we are counted as sheep for the slaughter. (Ps.44 vs.22) If a Black son or Black daughter have a child for a white man or a white woman, give them back their child because that same child will turn against you and slave you out to nothing. This is a question we ask: What the Black man do the white world? Why they so brutal to us?


My advice to all friendly whites - Keep out of Africa and Asia. Leave South Africa alone. Stay in Europe, but remember, give Africa a long berth for one day God and His Host shall bring "Princes out of Egypt and Ethiopia shall stretch forth her hands unto God."




Ethiopia Africa Black international Congress. The 5th Kingdom of Christ in Righteousness of Salvation.

Our Worthy Founder, Leader, our President God and King - The Rt. Honourable King Emmanuel Charles Edwards, we stand foundationally for all Black sons and daughters of African descent; above all organization, governmentally, parliamentally, statically and churchically.

Our aim is seven or nine miles of Black Star-Liner Ships to land every man and woman under his or her own vine and fig tree. Africa for the Africans those at home and us abroad.

We call upon the Organization of African Unity to contact the Jamaican Government about the rights of the poor and have-nots.

Free Black-man Redemption and Repatriation for the Black Nation, Fundamental Freedom coming through the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 1-30.

Black man must be free all over the world, it is no use we hide the TRUTH. Something has to be done for the poor and have-nots in the world especially in Jamaica. This is to fulfill the words of the Rt. Hon. Marcus Garvey.

Human Rights come for one and all, from the man and woman on the sidewalk to the soldier and police. God come for the people, where is our rights?

I, the Rt. Hon. King Emmanuel stand for such Rights. It is better for the people to make a union with Christ, we would have Peace and Love over the globe.

All Black people must come under the banner of the Rainbow, the Red, Black and Green - the Red, Gold and Green with the Black Five Pointed Star


Calling on Her Majesty the Queen of England to bring up the individual Man who is Lord over her lords, the Man who lived formerly at 54b Spanish Town Rd and now lives at 10 Miles, Bull Bay. The man who sent her the Red, Black and Green - the Red, Gold and Green with the Black Five Point Star. These were presented to her at Kings House, they were received and raised at Up Park Camp. The banner of the Union Jack fell and the Rainbow Covenant raised.

This is why the Queen spoke much words and said no one should molest this Man.

Calling on the government of Jamaica to bring up each document to verify the words of the Queen. The Jamaican government said I have passed away, I am calling for such Rights for dead men tell no tales. Freedom of movement, freedom of speech to fulfill the Human Rights Charter.

Article 19 states: Everyone has a right to freedom to hold opinion without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through all media regardless of frontiers.

So, I send and come to redeem the House of Israelites and as the representative of the Royal Ethiopian Refugees, I am calling on the Jamaica government and all Heads of government universally to free the people.  All captives to be set free.

Let us find back our first Love, the Love of Christ.

Articles 1- 15 to fulfill the United Nations Charter.

I am,

The Lord's Servant,

The Rt. Hon. King Emmanuel Charles Edwards,

The I am the I am.

Emmanuel  means "God with us" (Matt.23)